About Us at San Diego Pro Furniture Builders

My mission is to create exquisite furniture and accessories from the finest materials.

Welcome and thanks for visiting my site.  My name is Tom Welch and I build furniture and accessories that you will be excited to own and to show to your friends and family. My interest in woodworking and furniture building began when my daughters needed new beds. I built them a bunk bed with simple tools in the carport of the house we rented. From there my passion for woodworking was ignited and I began to build a wide variety of furniture and accessory items for our house, other family members, and friends. It's been over twenty five years since I built the bunk bed and over the years I have expanded my shop to included all of the hand tools and machines that a woodworker would need and I have just completed a baby crib for my youngest daughter.

For the first eighteen years of my adult life I worked as a machinist. Most of my work was in prototype and model shops where I machined one of a kind parts for a wide variety of industries. Toward the end of those eighteen years I went back to school and earned a Masters Degree in Information Sciences. I have spent the last fifteen years working in Quality Assurance related positions for software and hardware companies. My experience as a machinist has given me a knack for precision with a strong understanding of the mechanical aspects of how things fit together and my quality assurance experience has provided the the expertise to build in quality. I have been a resident of San Diego for nearly thirty years and I have experienced the harsh reality of the economy of 2009 when the product lines I worked with were sold off after a merger. This led to my decision to make the next chapter of my life in woodworking and I couldn't think of a better way to move forward than doing something that I can be passionate about.

I am looking forward to providing you with furniture and accessories that are made in San Diego, built with precision, and have quality built-in. There are many items on this site to choose from and you can always contact me with your ideas. I always say that if you can dream it I can build it. I will work from your plans, photos, sketches, or verbal instructions.